Telehealth Services

Expert Services at Will2Love

Get expert services from a licensed clinical psychologist:

  • Sex therapy for cancer-related sexual problems
  • Counseling to help with decision-making and emotional coping for cancer-related issues with fertility and pregnancy
  • You must be located in a state where the psychologist is licensed, even with videoconferencing
  • Pricing: First session (includes 6-month subscription to men's or women's self-help program): $250; Follow-up session: $200; Brief Follow-Up: $100
How do Telehealth Services Work

How Does Our Telehealth Work?

  • You need an internet connection fast enough to handle videoconferencing, either on wifi or your mobile phone (though using your phone minutes can create extra charges)
  • You can search our directory to find a psychologist licensed in your state (only some states are currently covered but we are growing our network)
  • You can schedule a session on your clinician’s online calendar and pay by credit card
  • You can have a session by yourself or with your partner
  • We do not currently accept health insurance or submit claims to your insurance. Medicare and Medicaid do not cover these telehealth services delivered in your home.
  • Our telehealth services are not designed for emergency situations

If you have questions, please contact us at
or call 832-644-0406.

Psychologists Directory

William Petok, PhD

State(s) of Licensure: Maryland, Pennsylvania

Jordan Rullo, PhD

State(s) of Licensure: Minnesota, Utah

Mindy R. Schiffman, PhD

State(s) of Licensure: New York

Leslie R. Schover, PhD

State(s) of Licensure: Texas