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Will2Love.com offers a complete toolkit to prevent or overcome cancer-related problems with sexuality or fertility: Award-winning, personalized self-help programs for men or women to guide you on the path to sexual wellness or parenthood, telehealth coaching from a patient advocate or counseling from an expert psychologist, our PRO Portal with online training and support for health professionals, and our free offerings including monthly webinars, blogs, resource links and forums.

Jimmie Holland, MD
Wayne E Chapman Chair in Psychiatric Oncology
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York City, NY

"As usual, Leslie Schover is ahead of the curve and has brought our field a novel way to help couples master sexual health issues, this time by online counseling! It is exciting that her insights and recommendations will now be available through the Will2Love website. Many more couples who have not had access to sexual counseling will be able to obtain it. Leslie has been a star for many years and now she has 'done it again'."

Will2Love and our Founder, Leslie R. Schover, PhD, are featured in a Newsweek article,
"How to Talk to Your Doctor about Sex When You Have Cancer"  in the July, 2017 annual issue on Cancer

The help you need to enjoy
a better sex life or to become a parent after cancer.

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New developments in research and treatment on sex or fertility, blog posts, and guest columns

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Personalized Services

Will2Love's online interventions for men and women can be used as self-help or as part of treatment with a health professional's guidance. They include help for sexual and fertility problems across all types of cancer, as well as for partners or for parents of young survivors.

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Connect with peers in moderated forums for cancer survivors/partners/friends or for health professionals. Ask questions, share stories, get feedback.

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Links to find treatment for sex or fertility problems, help with becoming a parent after cancer, trusted cancer information resources, advocacy groups, sexual health products, relevant books and web sites

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Telehealth Services

Will2Love offers online telehealth using secure videoconferencing by expert, licensed psychologists.

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At least once a month we will present a webinar. Some will be designed for patients/partners and some for health professionals. If you sign up for our online community you can attend live and join in Q&A. Webinars will be archived on this site for future viewing.

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